Hi there! I’m Glyn. I’m a 23 year old Computer Scientist specializing in Web Development, Network Infrastructure and Unix-like Operating Systems. I’m currently finishing my Undergraduate Degree in Computer Science at MacEwan University. I develop for and manage the Online Store of Canada’s Biggest bike shop, Revolution Cycle. I also co-own a startup called Gnomon, an apparel company that donates 10% of all sales to local charities.

Ever since childhood I’ve been fascinated with computers. To me, it was like a natural extension of playing with LEGO bricks. There are so many different pieces that do all kinds of different things and on their own, they aren’t very useful. It’s when you start to put them together in new and creative ways that amazing things happen. The same is true for Computers and Technology in general. The technology that went into the first iPhone had been around for years, if not decades prior. It just took a creative team to take those building blocks and make something truly revolutionary.

(This About Me page title is a play on words involving the linux command whoami. When the command is run, it shows the currently logged in user.)

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